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Tender Treasures Montessori School is based on the educational philosophy and academic methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. Maria Montessori’s philosophy states that children should be free to work at their own pace with materials they have chosen, either alone or with others. Between birth and the age of six, children are able to acquire specific skills with an ease that will never be duplicated in later life. To take full advantage of these extraordinary abilities, Tender Treasures Montessori School offers an enriched environment in which children are encouraged to explore their interests and develop their full potential by stimulating the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative stages of development. Read More


Melchionna Family

I am writing to offer the highest possible praise for Tender Treasures Children’s Centre. Tender Treasures has taken care of our son and is also taking care of our daughter. Our son has benefited tremendously from his experience at the school.

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Jack, Sue, Mark Harison

Tender Treasures is a clean facility that provides a bright, fun and learning-filled atmosphere for the children. I was pleased with the friendly staff who was always open to provide feedback from my son’s learning experience. They also provided him personal and individual attention. He learned so much in such a short time.

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Tonelli Family

Thank you very much for those amazing 15 months. As a mother I am very pleased with the support and development offered to my son who started your program when he was only 1 year old. Your qualified team and always caring approach made the transition easy and the following months fulfilling. With your help he developed skills such as sharing, motor coordination, taking turns, patience and creativity in a faster and more efficient way than if he had stayed home all this time.

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